'Oro Bailen' is a family owned company, located at the gateway to Andalusia, in the province of Jaen, Spain.

The Galvez-Gonzalez family acquired its two olive grove farms, "La Casa del Agua" and "Los Juncales" in 1999 and Master Miller, Jose Galvez decided not only simply sell a product, but also transmit a philosophy to the consumer through a bottle of oil.

In this way, GALGON 99, S.L. was born in 2005 as a preparer, bottler and marketer of extra virgin olive oil, using the olives produced exclusively from olive grown on the family's groves.

In Galgon 99, the company's goal is not to sell a specific number of bottles, as they can only sell as  much product as they are capable of making in a certain year.

They focus on educating consumers about the uses of olive oil, how variously use the olive oil in the kitchen for the varieties of the taste.


Guided by this philosophy and driven by consistency, within a few years after Jose Galvez and his Oro Bailen Reserve Familiar Picual came in first at the May 2012.

Continuing to strive for quality and innovation, the producer added a single variety Arbequina in 2015 to their line, and recently launched another unique varieties of Hojiblanca and Frantoio.

To reach new customers, they developed the Marmalades and Pearls, which are the new ways of consuming the extra virgin olive oils in unique and surprising forms.

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