Arbequina 100ml

Arbequina 100ml




* Type: Extra Virgin

* Size: 100ml

* Region: Andalusia, Spain

* Varietal: Arbequina

* Polyphenols (mg/kg): 479

* Acidity (%): 0.09

* Harvest: Fall 2019

* Producer: Oro Bailen

* Early Harvest

* Cold Extraction


Keep away from light and heat



An exceptional Arbequino where the delicacy of the aromas, typical in this variety, mixes with the strength and character of the land of southern Spain. A medium fruity fresh olives, with the aromas of green grasses and wheat interspersed with the fruity notes which are a characteristic of arbequino; almond, apple and ripe banana.

As it slides over your tongue, it is at first smooth and delicate, then slightly bitter and light with a notable spicy presence. It is harmonic, with an almond aftertaste.


* Acidity: 0.1%

* Well Balanced Oil

* Sweet, Spicy and Light Bitter

* Intense Fruity

  Green tomato, Green apple, Almond, Cut Grass

* Food Matches

  Steaks, Sea Foods, Aged Cheese, Salads, Soups

  Vegetables, Stews, Pizza


* Acidity: 0.09%

* Well Balanced Oil

* Sweet, Light Bitter and Low Spicy

* Intense Fruity

  Green tomatoes, Green banana, Fresh grass,

  Almond, Artichoke

* Food Matches

  Butter, Vanilla Ice cream, Whipping Cream



* Acidity: 0.09%

* Smooth and Delicate

* Light Bitter and Medium Spicy

* Medium Fruity

  Ripe banana, Almond, Apple, Grass 

* Food Matches

  Fish, Egg, Salads, Breads, Plain Yogurt, Ice Cream



* Acidity: 0.2%

* Sweet, Light Bitter and Low Spicy

* Intense Fruity

  Green apple, Kiwi, Almond, Pine nuts

  Arugula leave, Cypress tree, Banana


* Food Matches

  Spicy Foods, Steak, Vegetables



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