Frantoio 250ml

Frantoio 250ml




* Type: Extra Virgin

* Size: 250ml

* Region: Andalusia, Spain

* Varietal: Frantoio

* Polyphenols (mg/kg): 542

* Acidity (%): 0.2

* Harvest: Fall 2019

* Producer: Oro Bailen

* Early Harvest

* Cold Extraction


Keep away from light and heat



In the nose, complex fruity aromas of fruits, vegetables and dried fruit; green apple, kiwi, almond, pinions, rucula leaf and cypress with a toasted touch providing great delicacy altogether.

In the mouth, it is perceived the same olfative progression; sweet at the beginning where emerge again the apple and kiwi. It is vegetable in the center and balsamic at the end.

Elegant bitter and soft spicy well - balance.Almond aftertaste.


* Acidity: 0.1%

* Well Balanced Oil

* Sweet, Spicy and Light Bitter

* Intense Fruity

  Green tomato, Green apple, Almond, Cut Grass

* Food Matches

  Steaks, Sea Foods, Aged Cheese, Salads, Soups

  Vegetables, Stews, Pizza


* Acidity: 0.09%

* Well Balanced Oil

* Sweet, Light Bitter and Low Spicy

* Intense Fruity

  Green tomatoes, Green banana, Fresh grass,

  Almond, Artichoke

* Food Matches

  Butter, Vanilla Ice cream, Whipping Cream



* Acidity: 0.09%

* Smooth and Delicate

* Light Bitter and Medium Spicy

* Medium Fruity

  Ripe banana, Almond, Apple, Grass 

* Food Matches

  Fish, Egg, Salads, Breads, Plain Yogurt, Ice Cream



* Acidity: 0.2%

* Sweet, Light Bitter and Low Spicy

* Intense Fruity

  Green apple, Kiwi, Almond, Pine nuts

  Arugula leave, Cypress tree, Banana


* Food Matches

  Spicy Foods, Steak, Vegetables



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