The Farms

"Los Juncares" and "Casa Del Agua"

Oro Bailen's olive groves are the true oil factory, since these are the ones that are going to offer this fruit holding the juice  inside it that latter on they will obtain in a completely natural way, without chemical mediation or the need to use a transformation process since as a juice, the only thing that they will do in the oil grinding mill will be to extract it.

The Harvest


One of the most important aspects when obtaining a good olive juice is the downtime which the olive has to pass through grom its harvesting until it enters the mill, which must be a short as possible.

The harvest is semi-manual and the fruit is harvested very early, always depending on an optimum ripeness, between the end of October and the beginning of November, when the olive has some specific pigmentation or a change in colour both of the outside of the olive and of the pulp, which shows the exact moment when the olive is going to give us a true fruit juice with richness in both olfactory and taste.

Cleaning and Selection

Just 2 hours from the start of working day, the first batches of olives arrive at the oil mill, where the 'factory master' makes a first visual inspection of the condition of the fruit.

Subsequently it is processed in the cleaning plant, consisting of separating the olive from possible impurities.

Then it is sent for storage in the stainless steel hoppers and for its immediate processing.

Processing of the Fruit

The crushing and beating is performed cold, with temperatures below 21 degree C, in this way maintaining all the volatile components that cause the fruit aromas and flavours.

After the beating process comes the physical centrifugation, which consists of the separation of the liquid part as a result of the different densities forming the olive's components.

As a final phase for the processing of the oil, it is cleaned in the vertical centrifuge, which as in the horizontal centrifuge, consists of separating the liquid. At the exit from this vertical centrifuge the master makes his classification of the oil that will go to different tanks, depending on the tasting.

Storage and Preservation

Once classified in its corresponding tanks, the oil is left to decant naturally for around 15 days, after which they will filter all the oil, in order to prevent the tanks being drained. They are immediately decanted and stored in tanks that have been rendered inert for immediate bottling, in order that their qualities, both chemical and above all organoleptic, remain unaltered during an entire year.


All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the brand name 'Oro Bailen' comes from their olive groves, therefore the traceability and food safety is guaranteed.

Oro Bailen is bottled every month and according to the demand in order for the oil to always be preserved in its inert tanks, therefore preventing any type of oxidation.

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